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    Cosmetic Dentistry is defined as the artistic side of dentistry that enhances the esthetics of whatever we do in dentistry. From many of the television shows, most people relate cosmetic dentistry to having a whiter, brighter set of teeth and a perfect smile. However, Cosmetic Dentistry is more than that and at our dental group we focus on Cosmetic Dentistry in every aspect of the dental care we provide for. The following are the list of Cosmetic Dental enhancements procedures that are available to our patients.

Porcelain Dental Veneers- These are a thin but highly durable ceramic layers that are placed over you teeth to improve the shade, looks and the color of your teeth. They can be used to lengthen a tooth or close gaps between the teeth.

Bonding- This procedure describes a process of gluing or cementing a porcelain restoration on the tooth. However, it is most commonly used to describe a direct resin restoration use to improve a patient’s smile.

Whitening- Dental Whitening procedures have become increasingly popular over the last several years as more and more people like to have a whiter teeth. Many social experiences have proven that people with whiter and nicer teeth, tend to be accepted better in the society and with their interactions with others. A dental whitening can be done in the office by a highly trained dental professionals at higher rates of concentration or can be done with lower concentration over time with home whitening kits.

Dentures- Many people who wear dentures don’t realize that their teeth can be made to look better. If a patient is happy with the way his/her teeth fit but don’t like the way the teeth look, we can simply change the teeth inside a denture without ever changing the way they fit.

Perio-Plasty-  “Perio” refers to the “ Gums” and “Plasty” is a latin word meaning to “Re-shape “. Advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures allow us to reshape someone’s gums to make it look more esthetic. These procedures include, Gingival Lifts where a patient is showing too much excess gum tissue and with a simple laser procedure we can reshape the existing gum tissue to make it look more pleasing as it aprons the teeth.  Gingival Grafting is another popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry where we can add soft tissue either donated from another site in the mouth or from a tissue bank to cover areas around the teeth that are receded.


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