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Bangkok Dental Clinics are a network of dental throughout Thailand serving patients both domestically and also from international destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA and Canada. Our dental Bangkok are staffed by some of the most talented specialists who many have been educated and trained in USA and Europe. Our include, Prosthodontists, Oral Surgeons, Pedodontists, Periodontists, Implantologists , & Endodontists. We also have highly trained General practicing dentists providing our patients and their families with routine general dentistry such as fillings, bonding’s, dentist cleanings.


Orthodontic treatment is one of the recognized dental Bangkok as it relates to the correction of malpositioned teeth and the jaws. When a patient seeks orthodontic treatment, the orthodontist evaluates the patient to see if the problems with malpositioning is due to the teeth, the skeleton or both. The orthodontic diagnosis includes a clinical evaluation by a qualified dentist as well as study models and some form of an x-ray. The orthodontist may order a Cephalometric x-ray or a 3 D cone beam depending on the complexity of each case. Sometimes the orthodontist also wants to see a full set of x-rays to determine the patient’s bone level and also evaluate the patient’s caries risk before beginning the orthodontic treatment at dental clinic in Bangkok..


Cosmetic Dentistry is defined as the artistic side of dentistry that enhances the esthetics of whatever we do in dentistry. From many of the television shows, most people relate dental cosmetic to having a whiter, brighter set of teeth at dental in Bangkok.


When you have lost your tooth or you are missing a single tooth. The most ideal treatment would be a single dental implant at dental clinic Bangkok. A single implant can be placed at the time of extraction or it can be placed afterwards. More you wait to place a single implant; more you have to worry about the shrinking bone space, unless your extraction socket is filled with bone graft material at the time of extraction. A single implant typically consists of three to four parts depending on the type of the implant at dental Bangkok. There are implant manufacturers that combine some of the parts, making fewer parts for better clinical outcomes and also economics. However, all implants are consists of the following parts: Body of The Implant, An Abutment and The Final Crown or prosthesis. The additional parts associated with dental bangkok could be a screw connecting the abutment to implant body at dental clinic in Bangkok.

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ONE and ONLY Dental Bangkok, Thailand with international accreditations for both Dental Clinic and in-house Dental Lab.

Bangkok Smile Dental Group (BSDG) is the one and only international accredited DENTAL CLINICS in Bangkok, Thailand for both scopes of DENTAL CLINIC SERVICE and DENTAL LAB. Thus, you can be assured that BSDC is continuously providing the highest quality dental works with the utmost service ever.

The ISO 9001:2008 certifies the head office and dental clinic ;

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The ISO 9001:2008 certifies the in-house dental lab service;
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